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Ediţie de Sud - Octavia Ecol,
12 ani de performanţă
pentru un afacerist din Mangalia


Hotel Corsa*** din Mangalia

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About Us

In 2015 GRAND SERVICE will celebrate 17 years of activity in Mangalia. It is the area leader among the ecological laundry and dry cleaning companies, being awarded a number of prizes from the Chamber of Commerce. In 2005 Grand Service was the third company in the country, in its field/sphere of activity.

Grand Service Laundry has its own, modern space to carry on its activity, according to the European norms and regulations, the best machines for washing, drying and ironing. These industrial machineries have been especially designed for hotel industry by specialists from Spain ( Girbau) and Italy ( Realstar) and they are fully automated.
All the equipment is ecological, universal, flexible, with precise functions, according to our customers’ strict demands.
Our capacity is of 14 tones/24hours.

The detergents used are produced by Horeca, one of the best professional brands on the market, the fabric softener and the dressing laundry are especially made for this type of equipment and the bleaching liquids are a mixture of active oxygen and chlorine containing a high fabric protection level.

Our company also provides ecological dry cleaning services for any kind of clothes ( from tuxedos to overalls). If you are the owner of a hotel and you want to be sure of the quality of your services toward the guests, do not hesitate to use our services. Our employees work efficiently, cleaning your items in 24 hours, if requested.


Among our customers we can mention: Europa Hotel from Eforie, Hora, Sirena, Cerna, Prahova hotels from Saturn; Miorita, Istria, Club Holiday, Afrodita, Balea, Clabucet, Craiova, Slatina, Prahova, Romanta, Terasa Ciresica from Neptun,; Raluca, Casute Brates, Zamfira, Silvia, Carmen, Melodia, Claudia, Brandusa, Vulturul, Pajura,H.Afrodita, Cocorul,Lidia, vile Atlantis, Vila Plopul, vila Mesteacan, H.Olimpic from Venus; Astra, Zenit, Corsa from Mangalia si Clubul Steaua from Eforie.

Octavia Ecol -5 years aniversary

In 2008 we have celebrate 5 years.

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